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Lauf Grit

For gravel- & CX bikes.

The Lauf Grit is the perfect addition to any gravel bike - or to “gravel-up” any CX bike. It makes the bike more capable and more comfortable. While remaining light and lightning fast. Make your next adventure the most fun one yet!

700c and 27.5"
30mm / 1.18” travel
900g / 1.98lbs (210mm steerer with Lauf axle)
Unsprung weight
250g unsprung weight
12x100mm and 15x100mm versions
Hub spacing
Axle to crown
409mm* (with 6mm of sag accounted for)
Tapered 1 1/8” - 1 1/4” (delivered with 1 1/2" adapter. Uncut length 300mm)
Min rotor size
Flatmount for min. 160mm rotor
Max tire width
700x42c and 27.5x2.1"
Rider weight limit
110kg / 242lbs
For maintained steering characteristics from a 45/395mm rake/A2C rigid fork.
S2 Springs
The springs on the Lauf Grit are made of military spec S2 glassfiber that is extremely tough on hits and flexible in the direction of the travel. The springs have been “shocked” in our test lab over 1.000.000 times reaching 20mm amplitude every time.
The Lauf Grit has 30mm of travel with progressive spring rate. This means that the further the fork compresses the springs become stiffer. This helps keeping the fork from bottoming out while staying sensitive to small bumps.
Small Bump Performance
The Lauf forks are designed to maintain the lightness and reliability of rigid forks, while offering absorption and traction in small bumps that conventional suspension forks can’t match. The stiction and high unsprung weight of conventional suspension forks make them unable to keep up with high-speed input as brilliantly as the Lauf Grit.
Zero Maintenance
The design of the Lauf forks is based around eliminating all “moving parts”, and therefore, friction and maintenance. Instead of looking for wear and tear you can focus on clocking more miles and creating more smiles. Just ride!
All Weather
The Lauf Grit works flawlessly in all weather conditions. Whether you find yourself in the freezing Antarctica or the scorching Sahara. Grab your rig and just ride!
Warranty & Crash Replacement
All Lauf forks are warranted for 5 years to the original owner. If your fork is more then 5 years old and something happens we still care about you! If you happen to crash we offer 50% discount from the MSRP to the original owner. For all above please send an e-mail to with a photo of the product and a short description.
Road Bike Action - Lauf Grit

"With plenty of testing ground covered and many hours testing in some of the most adverse weather and terrain, it was clear that Lauf has hit the nail square on the head with the Grit. Not only did it handle all of the small bumps and holes with the perfect amount of damping, but also absorbed the large ruts and rocks when we were descending at high speeds with minimal visibility. The fork is light and still allows the bike to climb well. If you’re a stand-up-and-mash kind of rider, you may get a small amount of bobbing, but with the much-stiffer springs and shorter travel, it isn’t much. In our eyes, the Grit could be a good addition to your gravel bike and will defi nitely open the door to even more adventurous routes."

Bikerumor - Lauf Grit

"With the Grit, I could plow through them much faster and without bottoming the tire on the rim. On the front anyway. I feel bad for my rear tire and rim."

"Normally, I’m trying to hammer up this climb, which requires trying to both lift the front end up and over some of the more twisted sections while also pedaling hard. With the Lauf, I could roll more of them without lifting so much, so I was faster and more efficient."

Tyler Benedict -

Lauf Grit / Open U.P. / WTB 27.5"x47mm / 8.7kg
Lauf Grit / Niner RLT / WTB Nano 700x40c / 9.3kg
Lauf Grit / Niner RLT / On The Fly
Lauf Grit / Niner RLT / In The Wild
Lauf Grit / Open U.P. / Adventure Time
Lauf Grit / Open U.P. / Lava Field
Lauf Grit / Open U.P. / Mountain Goat
LaufGrit / NinerRLT / OceanRide
LaufGrit / Gravel Time
LaufGrit / White Wall Lean
LaufGrit / Framed Course / Dynjandi
LaufGrit / Air-o
LaufGrit / Ridley X-Trail / Westfjords
LaufGrit / Backcountry
LaufGrit / Festka One Gravel / Fog fog fog