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Dozen Dirty Riders in One Tough Race, the Dirty Kanza!

Follow their tales leading up to the race below.

Lauf Dirty Dozen at Dirty Kanza 200
Nicole Schmidt Blakemore

Nicole Schmidt Blakemore

  • Home Town: Emporia, KS
  • Day Job: Science Teacher at Emporia Middle School
  • Family Info: I have a wonderful husband, Andy Blakemore (and 200 "kids" each year at work)
  • What people don't know about me: I have received 1st place in two [informal] International Dance Competitions!
  • Current Gravel Bike: Salsa Warbird, Aluminum, Teal, 2016.
  • Years Participated in DK: Three.  2014 - DK100 Half Pint - Finished 9th Woman.  2015 - DK200 - Finished 9th in my division. 2016 - DK200 - Finished 5th in my division.
  • What I want to accomplish in 2017: It's time for me to beat the sun!