Dozen Dirty Riders in One Tough Race, the Dirty Kanza!

Follow their tales leading up to the race below.

Lauf Dirty Dozen at Dirty Kanza 200
Laurel Brady

Laurel Brady

  • Home Town: Anchorage, Alaska
  • Day Job: Super Mom & Social Work Student
  • Family Info: Two boys, one dog, three fish and a lizard.
  • What people don't know about me: I like British Mysteries. A lot.
  • Current Gravel Bike: Fatback Haul Road
  • Years Participated in DK: Two. One, made it to Emporia. The other, I don’t wanna taco about it.
  • What I want to accomplish in 2017: Shoot for the race I know I’m capable of. This race appeals to me because so much can derail that plan. I’d like DK much less if that wasn’t the case. You start a race like DK with a goal, shit happens and your goal changes. No matter what time you roll down Main Street, it feels flipping fantastic. Mud covered, tired, pissed off and glorious, all at the same time. Then a stranger hands you a beer! Yahoo!