Dozen Dirty Riders in One Tough Race, the Dirty Kanza!

Follow their tales leading up to the race below.

Lauf Dirty Dozen at Dirty Kanza 200
Jamie Henningson

Jamie Henningson

  • Home Town: Topeka, KS
  • Day Job: Veterinary Pathologist (anatomic) for Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. I do autopsies on animals and examine live animal masses (biopsies) to determine if they have cancer or not. Coolest autopsies done: Sand Tiger Shark and Male African Lion. Favorite animal to work on: Cattle.
  • Family Info: 2 awesome kids (9 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl), awesome boyfriend and awesome immediate family (Dad, Mom, sister, 2 brothers, brother-in-law, niece, nephew on the way in April)
  • What people don't know about me: I received my black belt in Taekwondo in 2013 and am a girl scout troop leader.
  • Current Gravel Bike: 2016 CruX Expert EVO
  • Years Participated in DK: One year
  • What I want to accomplish in 2017: Ride DK at faster than 14 mph and do my first cross country mountain bike race. Get as fast on my bike as I am with a knife at my day job! Also, get mountain bike coach level 1 certified to start a mountain and cyclecross biking program for kids in Manhattan, KS!
Jamie Henningson - April 30, 2017
Lauf Fork Write up - Initial thoughts

"Lauf Fork Write up - Initial thoughts"

Nearing 40 years old it is great to have the Lauf-Grit on my team to help save my body one ride at a time.  My first ride with the Lauf Grit was the Texas Chainring Massacre in January and boy did we massacre that ride.  With not enough training to tackle a 128 miles that early in the season, it was great to have Lauf-Grit reducing the impact on my body.  Lauf-Grit reduces the vibrations from the gravel and helps reduce the jarring from small bumps.  I much appreciate the reduced wear and tear from miles of gravel riding thanks to the Lauf-Grit.  It also helped with traction around a few tight turns on the ride.  All in all it was a positive contributing factor to being the only female to finish that distance on a cold windy Texas day (wasn’t the 70 degrees I was hoping for and far from it….wish Lauf Grit could always provide nice weather but they haven’t figured that out yetJ)

Rain, rain, rain this spring……well bring on the eroded roads!  Lauf Grit has added traction and stability to roads which is a great perk with the rough gravel roads in KS including those in the upcoming Dirty Kanza.  Increased traction in loose dry dusty dirt and during battling varying sized erosions is an added bonus of having Lauf-Grit on my side.  Not only can it handle them it has the toughness not to break when a misguided bike slams into a huge pothole or gutter!

It also added mud clearance to the front of my bike….now if they could just figure out something for the back of my bike and mud!

So I am not a bike mechanic and can’t talk specs and numbers but in addition to reduced vibrations, increased stability, it just looks awesome!  It has been described as “Retro” by other riders who notice it.  The personality and awesomeness it has added to my bike, well is just awesome.

Jamie Henningson