Playful & stiff!

The Lauf Carbonara is our newest creation. It is perfect for fat bikes, making them even more playful with 60mm / 2.35" of travel in a super lightweight 1100g / 2.4lbs package.

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Zero Maintenance

The design of the Lauf Carbonara is based around eliminating all “moving parts”, and therefore, friction and maintenance. The monocoque carbon fiber structure delivers incredible strength, and the test-fork we have in our lab has already been “shocked” over 170 thousand times, without showing any signs of wear and tear. That equals more mountain-biking than you’ll manage to cram into at least 5 years of action!

S2 Springs

The springs on the Lauf Carbonara are made of military spec S2 glassfiber that is extremely tough on hits and flexible in the direction of the travel. The springs have been “shocked” in our test lab over 400.000 times reaching 40mm amplitude every time.

Progressive Spring Rate

The Lauf Carbonara has 60mm of travel with progressive spring rate. This means that the further the fork compresses the springs become stiffer. This helps keeping the fork from bottoming without sacrificing small bump compliance.

Fat and Plus tires

The Carbonara fits fatbike tires and plus size tires. Fat ones for floating on the snow or plus size for smashing the summer trails.

All Weather

The Carbonara works flawlessly in all weather conditions. Whether you find yourself in the freezing Antarctica or the scorching Sahara - it also loves salt and sand. No stiction, no worries. Grab your rig and just ride!

Cargo Mounts

We do not have cargo mounts on our forks but there are 3rd party solutions that can be used. For instance the Twofish Unlimited Quick Cage adapters that can be used with a broad variety of cages.

Reviews - Carbonara

"In the end, I found the Lauf Carbonara to be an amazingly versatile carbon fork, more than I thought of it as a suspension fork with limitations. It really is a beast all its own, and worth anyone’s consideration that likes to take fatbikes to places that only fatbikes can go."

Kevin Breitenbach -

"I think the one thing that stood out the most, was that I never really noticed it. Combined with a fat tire, this fork gives just enough give to take the edge off the trail. But it keeps the front end light enough that you don’t realize you have a suspension fork."

Chris Reichel -


Helgi Berg test riding Lauf Carbonara "Air Style" - Photo by Arnold Björnsson
Winter riding on Lauf Carbonara  - Photo by Arnold Björnsson
Helgi Berg going for a drop at Heidmork, Iceland - Photo by Arnold Björnsson
Helgi Berg riding in the woods on Lauf Carbonara - Photo by Arnold Björnsson
Lamere Cycles / Lauf Carbonara / 11.2kg
The new Lauf Carbonara fatbike fork on the Salsa Beargrease is just so nice. - Photo by Arnold Björnsson
Winter fun with Lauf Carbonara - Photo by Arnold Björnsson
The Lauf workaholics.
Helgi Berg test riding the Salsa Beargrease with Lauf Carbonara fat bike fork  - Photo by Arnold Björnsson
Fatback Corvus / Lauf Carbonara / 12.6kg
Helgi Berg's doing wheelie in Lauf Carbonara - Photo by Arnold Björnsson
Lauf Carbonara having fun in the snow
Borealis Echo / Lauf Carbonara / 12.7kg